Water Housing Test

I took these yesterday, at the tail end of a huge swell I missed while over in Playa del Carmen, on business and a mini-vacation with Luca’s abuelita. It was the first day in the water with my new SPL water housing and swim fins. so this is a bit of test roll. I’m still working out the kinks in my shooting procedure. I opted for a 16mm setting for my lens. way too pulled back. People had to be almost right on top of me, literally. if someone was 10 feet away, they were a spec on the horizon. I shot for 3 hours and loved every second of it. It’s almost as fun as surfing. Floating around out there, though every muscle in my body hurts now. and the ocean is dead flat now. I can’t wait for the next swell to roll through, I’m addicted. Enjoy:

And We’re Live.

Lil' Man gettin big!

Ok, the blog that used to be called “Quality Peoples” is now known as “Hammock Dreams” and located right here. I flipped the switch on the new QP blog a few days ago and just flipped the switch on this, just now. It still needs a lot of name-switching and general maintenance. and maybe a few urls forwarded from the old site. This is just a quick note, to say we’re live.

Thank you for sticking with us, through this transition…

da neue schit

da neue schit

Ok, I’ve been awfully quiet for awhile now. No doubt working on things. Fun things. and so I thought I’d let y’all know that some new, fun things are going to be happening on this blog and over at my new digs: Hammock Dreams. The new digs will be the same great, classy stuff you’ve been reading here on Quality Peoples, except with a new name and url. Hopefully, going forward into the future it will have a big huge, un-edited dose of personal, family stuff (the kind of thing I tried not to post too much of here, over the past year). And Quality Peoples will become even more about wave obsessions, style, design, fashion, photography, etc… With a departure from the current format and a few more really interesting additions1. I’d love to tell you all more, but there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff to be done, to get everything ready and well, the suspense is just so, um, suspenseful. I just wanted to drop a heads-up.

So make sure to bookmark both Hammock Dreams and Quality Peoples.

  1. Hint: a switch from the “I” to the non-royal “We”