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Not So Clean

pato and the not-so-clean line
Pato and the not-so-clean line

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De ‘Chaper

Amy and Marcoamy + marco

Marco and Amy, of ATL Surfboards fame. The boys call Marco “The Shaper” or just “Shaper”, but with a mexican accent, it sorta sounds like “De ‘Chaper” as in: “De ‘Chaper wen to ghet ta’cos”.

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Support Your Local Shaper


My friends Pato, George, Fer and Pete all ride boards shaped by a friend of theirs from Guadalajara. His name is Marco and along with his wife Amy, he shapes surfboards under the name “ATL”, which means “water” in Nahuatl. Marco also shapes boards for Squalo. In addition to my friends, I’ve seen his boards all over the bay.

On these past two trips to La Ticla (1+2), I’ve gotten to know Marco and then Amy. They’re a really down to earth couple, really good peoples, avid soul surfers, not flashy at all and it’s been wonderful getting to know them. During our first trip, it was Marco that saved the day, after our surfboards got all dinged up. He let me ride one of his extras. After two days of riding it, I asked Marco to shape a board for me. It was time to add a new board to the quiver. Something smaller and lighter then the CI Flyer 2 (6’2″ x 18 1/2 x 2 1/4) I have now. He had another board with him that was almost perfect, albeit too small for a person of my frame. We combed over the board and agreed on proper specs, something like 6’0″ x 18″ x 2 1/4 with lots of rocker, a rounded tail and thin rails. I really wanted something that could carve well, fast and light. I’ve always felt that the rails on the Flyer 2 are too thick and for some reason, I’ve never really gelled with the board. After we agreed on the specs, a price and time-frame we shook hands and talked about graphics. I wanted to design some super-suave limited edition ‘Quality Peoples’ graphics for the board and so I when I got back from Ticla I went to work figuring that out. I got hung up on the process of how to apply the graphics (rice paper, spray paint, fabric), changing my mind every few days. The possibilities were endless and somehow I got lost in it all. The designs went from simple, to complex, to simple and back again.

When we went back down to Ticla, Marco had brought with him a shortboard with pretty much the exact dimensions I wanted, so rather then mess with the whole graphics thing, i just took the one he had brought with him. I knew I wanted to customize it in some way, so I set about to figure out a spray paint graphic and chose some simple stripes ala my twitter page. A tape off the stripes using painter’s tape, layed on the spray and clear coat and then when dry, a sanded the whole thing down to get rid of some of the build-up from the spray and the glossiness. Close up, the stripes have a nice matte, aged appearance. Simple. I’m happy. To top it off, I had picked up some stickers in India, so on the top, I put Ganesh, cuz he would bring me nice waves (being the remover of obstacles). and on the bottom, I put Hanuman, cuz he’s mischievous (sometimes in the line-up, you gotta have tricks).

And so, today, I took her out to Veneros for her first ride. Apparently, there are rumors of incoming waves from a hurricane, out in the pacific, but you wouldn’t know it, as there wasn’t much more then 2 footers. I tried my best and actually had a pretty nice carve. And then a boogieboarder managed to run me over as a graced the rock bottom of Veneros at low-tide (danger, will robinson) and packed it in. The Ganesh and Hanuman stickers were paper backed and came almost completely off in the hour that I spent in the water. I was so looking forward to rocking Ganesh and Hanuman stickers on my board, when everyone else rocks the same 10 interchangeable surf brands. Someone has to make a line of waterproof vinyl ‘Hindu deities’ stickers.

Thanks goes to Marco and Amy for the hook up. Support your local shaper.

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Party Wave

your narrator getting dropped in on by two people
Your narrator getting dropped in by two other people. I successfully and safely scored the wave and then it closed out

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hydrodynamica – an independent surf project looks like it’s going to be an amazingly wonderful, subtle surf culture documentary film. The film clip on the site is perfect and the soundtrack is spot-on.

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Uluwatu 1984

mesmerizing old school, grainy footage surf video: Uluwatu 1984. got me all emotional, missing Bali really hard right now.

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glide lines

lots of interesting surfing / architecture stuff going on, over at glide lines blog. [via SwellSearch]

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Adam Werbach Sells Out

Former Sierra Club head now works for Wal-Mart. I’m obviously not a fan of big box places like Wal-Mart but down here it’s a necessary evil. The other day we found organic, ultra-firm tofu there. This stuff holds up to the heaviest grilling and sautéing. it’s the little things…

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Through the Ramada 2

through the ramada 2

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I just stumbled upon a pretty cool online pro photography community. lots of great threads.

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Morning In La Ticla

entering the soup
untitled (old woman with surfer in the background)

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Sarah Meadows

Owl is a photoblog over at Urban Honking, Sarah Meadows is the author/photog and she has some really gorgeous and subtle photography. I’m really feeling her shooting style.

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The Machine is Us/ing Us

The Machine is Us/ing Us. Engaging, easy-to-understand 5 minute video explaining just how cool/revolutionary Web 2.0 can really be. It’s really a shame that the name “Web 2.0″ has been subjugated so badly. [via Kassper]

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Google Ranking Factors

wanna change your ranking in Google? Top 5 Google Ranking Factors good/bad. learn it, own it. [via SwissMiss]

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Flooding the Farnsworth

The Farnsworth House is flooding. very sad. Mies’ classic, raised platform, steel and glass house is being tested. Water from the nearby Fox River is flooding to within inches of it’s platform. it’s tragic but also slightly curious to see if the house performs as designed. [via Monoscope]

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