Tacos n Waves this weekend!

andrew and the fishAndrew from Rockaway Takitos
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Attention Neue Yorkers: Andrew (el güero) and the crew at Rockaway Taco are opening the shack this coming weekend Sat, Sun and Mon in a dry run for next weekend’s Memorial Day madness. I know some of you have been fiending for the tacos. So grab yer favorite singlefin, a pair a chorts or a bikini, and head down to the beach to say hi to your favorite tacomiesters. What could be better than tacos n waves? What did you have planned, sitting in your cramped apartment twittering about your blog?

While you’re there, tell Andrew I said “hi” and that he’s a sucka for choosing the hipster city life1 over living in Mexico. Tell him to get back to Mexico, where he belongs: a get back, a get back to where you once belonged. Never mind, just give him big fat kiss (with a lil’ tongue), if you’ve got a beard – all the more better.

Now, go get some tacos!

  1. can you kinda tell that i’m missing the positive aspects of hipster city life?

The Güero has left the building

andrewandrewraquel, andrew, maru

Last weekend, unbeknownst to us (and probably to him), we spent our last weekend galavanting around Mexico’s insane natural playground with Andrew: soul surfer, gourmet vegan chef, proprietor of Roots and our good buddy.

Andrew has decided to follow his heart to big, bad NYC. pretty good freakin’ choice. I can’t say I blame him and Marcia and I wish him the best as he continues to look for the good in all things and cook up marvelous eats. We’re still reeling over losing such a good friend, but since NYC is like the center of my universe, I’m sure we’ll be kickin’ it real soon. The real question is what the hell are we gonna do without Roots, we gwon starve to death. A brother can only eat so many quesadillas and tacos…

On second thought: Andrew come back, homie, we gotta eats. pinche güero.

UPDATE: This is unbelievable. Andrew, only two days in NYC, stumbles into Blossom (gourmet vegan cuisine) in Chelsea and subsequently talks his way into becoming their head chef for the new cafe they’re opening on the upper west side. He’s now preparing the menu and overseeing the end of construction on the kitchen, you go Andrew, shheeeit!. the boy is golden. People, if you’re in NYC, don’t sleep, you gotta try Andrew’s cooking. it’s the shiznit.

and make sure you catch him before his tan disappears, suckerrrrr.