Chinese Wax Job II

Chinese Wax Job II
art by Ed Fladung

John Esguerra’s epic, surf, art and surf-art zine Chinese Wax Job II is out at your favorite zine counter. You can order it online from Teeluxe.

CWJ2 features the art works of Patrick Griffin, Julia Chiang, Marcus Oakley, Jeff Canham, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Jay Guillmero, Stine Belden Roed, Ryan Tatar, Ty Williams, Dominick Volini, Tofer Chin, Daniel Piwowarczyk, Steve Green, Ed Fladung, Scott Massey, Paul Gallegos, Pat Conlon, Manny Pangilinan, Brock Potucek, Betsy Walton.

You can see a grip of my photos in the spread above. I’m stoked!

I really like the fine arty spreads and dig the vibe. i love the balance of different styles of art tipping towards abstraction – inspires me to get off this computer and create some paintbrush-to-paper art. I know he puts the zine out and all, but check out John Esguerra’s spread below. Totally sick! If that doesn’t inspire you, it’s been too long since you’ve been for a surf.

here are a few more wicked spreads:

art by John Esguerra
art by Scott Massey
art by Marcus Oakley

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  • FIRST LOOK: Exit Through The Gift Shop – A Banksy Film
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  • My favourite fonts of 2009 | i love typography
    gorgeous typography here. just as exciting as the curves on a surfboard. i could look at this stuff all day long
  • Stewart Tears Apart The Dems On MA-SEN And Health Care (VIDEO) | TPM LiveWire
    summary: how stupid can democrat politicians be? someone said (i forgot who) that we deserve the politicians we get. great.
  • Colorful writing – The Mex Files
    the fine art of "notas rojas" (red notes). Mex Files details the "purple prose typical of the yellow journalism" of police reports in local mexican newspapers: "While sometimes the author — to stretch out the word count — has to resort to low tricks like referring to a police car as a “blue and white 2008 Dodge Neon, with plate number… “, the nota rota writer strives for variation in his or her craft. The banality of criminal activity sometimes reduces even the most creative of nota roja writers to clichés (there are a plethora of ways to say “corpse” — the center of attention but least interesting character in any murder story – all of which have been use to death), but the best are true artists. They still manage to surprise us, enlighten us and delight us with their mastery of the language."
  • Jessica Hische / Humble Pied.
    great newish video + ichat based site about creatives sharing advice. and the best quote I've heard all week: "“The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.” – Jessica Hirsche
  • I Gave My 3 Year Old an iPhone: Have I Created a Monster?
    awesome piece on young children using the iphone to learn. some of you are already cringing (yes you, in the back), but I think it's great. this kind of thing is gonna be so standard in 20 years. I thin it's kind of scary to think that the jobs your kids will have when they grow up, won't be invented til they're in high school. and your kids will learn two to four times as much as you have, in your whole lifetime, by the time they get out of college. [via Stevey]
  • YouTube – adidas Originals – Star Wars Collection
    the shoes? meh. but that Imperial March remix is wicked awesome.
  • Polaroid PIC 1000
    mock-ups of the new film-based under-$100 Polaroid cameras that are coming out. These are the result of The Impossible Project that I linked to a while back. They bought the rights to produce Polaroid cameras and film stock. Freakin' awesome. I'll have the wood grain one, thank you!

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Bookmarks for October 23rd

Kind Lines + Ed Fladung

Kind Lines + Ed Fladungartwork by Ed Fladung

My piece is up on the Kind Lines site. I’m super stoked. Truth be told, Rick Malwitz glassed in the photos and added the blue tint. It’s as much Rick’s effort as mine.

If you don’t know by now Kind Lines is a surfy art auction created by Rick Malwitz to benefit Surf Aid International. All 23 art works are on display at the Quicksilver store in Soho, Manhattan today through Oct.2nd. and the online auction starts tomorrow.

Go bid on my piece or one of the other beautiful artworks. Support the good cause, homie. Spread some chedda.

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  • Maureen Dowd – Boy, Oh, Boy –
    This basically sums up my thoughts on the vast teabagger of this summer right up to Joe Wilson's douchbaggery – "But Wilson’s shocking disrespect for the office of the president — no Democrat ever shouted “liar” at W. when he was hawking a fake case for war in Iraq — convinced me: Some people just can’t believe a black man is president and will never accept it."
  • Mexico Now Enduring Worst Drought in Years –
    we're definitely feeling the first signs of a drought, here in Nayarit, rain fall is way off. usually we're swimming in rain this time of year. Lately it's been sprinkling every 4 or 5 days. the winter is gonna be rough.
  • Charles Darwin film 'too controversial for religious America' – Telegraph
    "…according to a Gallup poll conducted in February, only 39 per cent of Americans believe in the theory of evolution." and ""It is unbelievable to us that this is still a really hot potato in America. There's still a great belief that He made the world in six days. It's quite difficult for we in the UK to imagine religion in America. We live in a country which is no longer so religious. But in the US, outside of New York and LA, religion rules."
  • YouTube – Deconstructing Sgt. Pepper
    DJs, beatmakers and sound sampling peeps check this out before it disappears, a youtube clip that isolates all 4 tracks on the Sgt. Pepper intro. awesome for sampling and cool just to hear/see the tracks isolated.
  • Jordan : History of Flight
    beautifully done artwork and flash site for the Jordan/Nike brand. this site is awesome. as for Jordan sneaks the III, IV and V were my favorites. the rest became too gimmicky. great artwork on that timeline site.
  • Kid Vlogs From Apple Store, We Smell a New Commercial Campaign
    "Kids. They grow up so fast these days, with the Twitter and the MySpace and Tamagotchi and sports drinks. You've gotta hand it to them, though: they've got their technology and they know how to use it.

    Which is why the dense YouTube account of Nicholifavs, filled with a kid who vlogs exclusively from New York City's Fifth Avenue Apple Store, is merely a natural progression in the realm of Things Kids Do Now." via Beau Colburn

Chinese Wax Job

IMG_8573art by John Esguerra
IMG_8571art by Ed Fladung
IMG_8575art by Sergei Sviatchenko

Wicked little surfyish, artish zine produced by John Esguerra called Chinese Wax Job. John assembled a pretty awesome cast of art makers for this zine. Contributing artists include: Cory Hudson, Ryan Tatar, Ty Williams and my work makes an appearance. I was particular caught by the found image collages of Sergei Sviatchenko, really cool work, reminds me of collage work I did back at CalArts.

To order a copy, write to

I love zines as a form of expression and Chinese Wax Job is definitely inspiring me to think about starting my own zine again. very cool.

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  • Legendary Surfers: Mike Hynson
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  • scout & catalogue
    Bre was a creative director at a fashion retailer. when the market crashed in October or so, Bre and her man (originally from Vallarta) decided to move to Mexico, something similar to what I did. She just set up a blog, but it's got all the markings of an intimate, well-designed portrait of her experience in a new culture, in a strange land. go check it out.
  • 2 or 3 things I know
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  • The blue and the green | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
    wicked optical illusion: "You see embedded spirals, right, of green, pinkish-orange, and blue? Incredibly, the green and the blue spirals are the same color." – I still don't believe it.
  • Rodrigo Fuenzalida : Graphic Design & Typography
    a couple of free, nicely designed fonts from a Venezuelan graphic designer. nice stuff!