Bookmarks for January 22nd

  • FIRST LOOK: Exit Through The Gift Shop – A Banksy Film
    holy crap! i can't wait to see the Banksy movie! awesome.
  • My favourite fonts of 2009 | i love typography
    gorgeous typography here. just as exciting as the curves on a surfboard. i could look at this stuff all day long
  • Stewart Tears Apart The Dems On MA-SEN And Health Care (VIDEO) | TPM LiveWire
    summary: how stupid can democrat politicians be? someone said (i forgot who) that we deserve the politicians we get. great.
  • Colorful writing – The Mex Files
    the fine art of "notas rojas" (red notes). Mex Files details the "purple prose typical of the yellow journalism" of police reports in local mexican newspapers: "While sometimes the author — to stretch out the word count — has to resort to low tricks like referring to a police car as a “blue and white 2008 Dodge Neon, with plate number… “, the nota rota writer strives for variation in his or her craft. The banality of criminal activity sometimes reduces even the most creative of nota roja writers to clichés (there are a plethora of ways to say “corpse” — the center of attention but least interesting character in any murder story – all of which have been use to death), but the best are true artists. They still manage to surprise us, enlighten us and delight us with their mastery of the language."
  • Jessica Hische / Humble Pied.
    great newish video + ichat based site about creatives sharing advice. and the best quote I've heard all week: "“The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.” – Jessica Hirsche
  • I Gave My 3 Year Old an iPhone: Have I Created a Monster?
    awesome piece on young children using the iphone to learn. some of you are already cringing (yes you, in the back), but I think it's great. this kind of thing is gonna be so standard in 20 years. I thin it's kind of scary to think that the jobs your kids will have when they grow up, won't be invented til they're in high school. and your kids will learn two to four times as much as you have, in your whole lifetime, by the time they get out of college. [via Stevey]
  • YouTube – adidas Originals – Star Wars Collection
    the shoes? meh. but that Imperial March remix is wicked awesome.
  • Polaroid PIC 1000
    mock-ups of the new film-based under-$100 Polaroid cameras that are coming out. These are the result of The Impossible Project that I linked to a while back. They bought the rights to produce Polaroid cameras and film stock. Freakin' awesome. I'll have the wood grain one, thank you!

Bookmarks for January 13th

  • Official Google Blog: A new approach to China
    must read press release from SVP at Google, about China's censoring authorities' organized and highly sophisticated hack attacks on Google's infrastructure as well as 20 other large companies, in various sectors as part of a plan to uncover information on human rights activists in China. This is no joke.

    I repeat, this is a google press release, not conjecture. [via DF]

  • THERES SPACE FOR OL DAT I SEE by @_m_i_a_ – TwitVid
    how crunk is MIA? chick can do no wrong. prepare to have your mind blown. best to watch this with large headphones on.
  • A Torturous Interview: John Yoo Does The Daily Show (VIDEO) | TPM LiveWire
    John Yoo is the legal scholar behind the total crap that Bush/Cheney used to justify torture. this guy is insane. must not miss episode of the Daily Show. In part two Yoo admits that he never met Bush, the guy who he essentially gave Imperial powers too, simply because Cheney asked him to.
  • Robert Hodgin | Portfolio
    generative computational art, you may know him as Flight404. awesome. [via surfstation]
  • Retro Music Posters by Paul Gardner
    absolutely sick design work. i love this style. you will too. something for everyone.
  • Bodhi Oser's new portfolio site
    run. don't walk. to check out Oser's new portfolio site. one word: fuckingimpressive. Oser (working under Tom Adler's Art-Direction), is responsible for almost single-handedly changing the face of how surf culture is marketed. The singular design aesthetic and definitive photo editing used for Quicksilver/Roxy and mostly all of your favorite surf books, Oser's influence in surf culture can not be underestimated or oversold.
  • Surfstation – Joe Klein
    "Over the past 30 years, Republicans fed the delusions that you can have low taxes and world-class public services, and Democrats acquiesced in it. It would be nice if we had an honest national conversation about revenues–and the sun-setting of many of the Bush tax cuts this year provides the perfect arena for it–but don't count on that taking place."

    - Joe Klein

  • James Cameron's Avatar Movie Performance Capture Featurette
    amazing behind the scenes featurette on the wholly new capture tech behind the movie. James Cameron is a genius. He really does get across the "uncanny valley". I loved Avatar.

The Hot Newness

Hey, guess who finally has a new portfolio site?! me!

After much toiling, hand-wringing, design, redesign, coding, nail biting and shear rote image processing I’ve finally managed to launch my proper portfolio site. I’m still kicking the tires, so if you see any visual inconsistencies or weird behaviors, hip me up on the burner. Getting the photography galleries together has been particularly time consuming, so instead of waiting even longer, I’ve decided to post the site and update the photo galleries as they become ready.

This site has been a long time in the making. Sometimes working on your own site is the hardest thing a graphic/web designer can do. I started putting together the underlying structure almost a year ago and through various false starts, several different look-and-feels and many various design/photography freelance gigs I finally put my head to the grindstone and knocked it out. And now that it’s done, I’m ready to redesign it! just kidding.

Thank you to all the peoples that have lent a hand, an eye, some code, or just some good comments or feedback to help me get this thing out the door. Very much appreciated.

I look forward to getting back to a semi-normal posting schedule on Quality Peoples. I know I’ve been neglecting yall, but a brother needs to make some cake, nawmean.


Bookmarks for November 30th

Bookmarks for November 11th

Bookmarks for October 30th

Bookmarks for October 6th

  • Samoan Tsunami Surfer Survivor story
    harrowing account of a surfer in Samoa who was out surfing, when the tsunami hit.
  • Why Capitalism Fails (and why it will fail again)
    "Since the global financial system started unraveling in dramatic fashion two years ago, distinguished economists have suffered a crisis of their own. Ivy League professors who had trumpeted the dawn of a new era of stability have scrambled to explain how, exactly, the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression had ambushed their entire profession.Amid the hand-wringing and the self-flagellation, a few more cerebral commentators started to speak about the arrival of a “Minsky moment,” and a growing number of insiders began to warn of a coming “Minsky meltdown.”" [via Glen E Friedman]
  • The Politics of Spite –
    Paul Krugman lays down some truthiness about why the current form of the Republican part: "at this point, the guiding principle of one of our nation’s two great political parties is spite pure and simple. If Republicans think something might be good for the president, they’re against it — whether or not it’s good for America."
  • Red Lionfish Invade Caribbean
    bat shit insane!: The red lionfish, a tropical native of the Indian and Pacific oceans that probably escaped from a Florida fish tank, is showing up everywhere _ from the coasts of Cuba and Hispaniola to Little Cayman. Wherever it appears, the adaptable predator corners fish and crustaceans up to half its size with its billowy fins and sucks them down in one violent gulp.
    Research teams observed one lionfish eating 20 small fish in less than 30 minutes. "This may very well become the most devastating marine invasion in history," said Mark Hixon, an Oregon State University marine ecology expert who compared lionfish to a plague of locusts. "There is probably no way to stop the invasion completely." – This article says that the infestation is limited to the eastern caribean. not true. they are catching Lionfish by the dozen in Cozumel and the Riviera Maya.
  • Yale Daily News – Yale Press drops distinctive logo
    “Branding tip: if your organization is lucky enough to have a classic Paul Rand logo, never ever fucking change it. Ever.” — Justin Ouellette [via Jen Bekman]

ATL Surfboard lams

layout1Tlaloc: pre-columbian super retro

layout2jazz the glass retro

A skunkwork project I’m brewing for ATL Surfboards. Hooking them up with some “retro” lams for my new fish with the opaque nuclear green/white tints with sloppy border. with um, Marlin Bacon 101 bamboo twin keel fins. yeeewww!!!

The first lam is Tlaloc, the Aztec god of rain. This guy holds a special place in many peoples’ hearts here in mexicolandia. I asked the homies what I should do for the logo and Tlaloc came up. I thought about it for a while and remembered a photo I came across of a late classic period statue of an “uber-hip” Tlaloc that was recently put on display in Munal in Mexico City. This rendition is so outside of the normal “dancing god” imagery associated with Tlaloc, that I’m not quite sure if people will get it right away.

The second lam: I was trying to get away from your average logo with something that was larger and “hipper”. not sure if I succeeded but I know it’s gonna look dope on the green monster.

One of these days I wanna hook up with Marco and do some art directly on the board. freestyle.

Bookmarks for July 31st

  • Nick Drake – River Man
    your inspiration for today. beautiful video by Tim Pope.
  • Apple: Secrecy Does Not Scale – Anil Dash
    is Apple slowly self-immolating when it screws over iphone developers with all this secrecy garbage? maven indie iphone devs are fleeing the platform in packs. is the iphone's golden years over?
  • Custom Letter — LetterCult
    holy crapola. so much juicy good typography here. loving it. inspiration for days. [via @Nybe]
  • Scientists Are Concerned About Cancer in Animals
    new nasty, virulent forms of cancer are being discovered in wild animals, that are the result of heavy carcinogenic environmental contamination. are human beings really the top of the evolutionary chain? How did cheap crap from Wal Mart become the thing we collectively care about most? [via @jimmoriarty]
  • Isolator
    my new favorite app. when you need to concentrate on something your doing in a particular application (like writing a blog post in Safari or designing something out in photoshop) just hit the command keys for this app and it hides all your other app windows and the dock and presents your current working window on a black background. hit it again to return the windows. should be built into Mac OS X.
  • Minimal Mac
    one my new favorite blogs. tons of tips on reducing the visual clutter on your desktop (both the virtual and analog ones). less is more.

Bookmarks for July 28th

  • David Byrne: I Have Seen the Future and It Is Broken
    Byrne talks about one of my favorite design subjects that no one seems to talk about, that form and function are interdependent. and when they don't follow each other it's not design, it's something else.
  • Claim Chowder
    this made me laugh just a wee bit, when I read it today: Lewis Samuels from 6 days ago: "Do you believe in South Swells? I don't. In norcal we spot bigfoot cookin meth more often than a South that lives up to the hype."
  • Steven Frank / Internet Garage Sale
    Steven Frank (co-founder of Panic) has created a minimal trust-based online auction system for your no-longer-needed tech gadgets. awesome idea. i'm gonna sell my current mac book pro on this thing in a few weeks' time.
  • Comic Con footage of Tron Legacy
    turn the geek meter up to 11. Can't wait to see this in 3D. and Daft Punk are doing the soundtrack. instant cool points.
  • Daring Fireball: Pay Walls
    "The primary problem with newspaper companies isn’t their revenue. It’s the size and scope of their operations. Again I say: mammals and dinosaurs. Simon, along with everyone else who thinks online subscription fees can save the newspaper industry, is effectively arguing that the world will change to support newspapers. The truth is that newspapers must change to adapt to the world. Just because the extinction of newspapers would be a tragic loss doesn’t mean it won’t happen."
  • swissmiss | Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Shot By The Sartorialist
    Hilarious! I love the Sartorialist. this is spot on. great graphic design as well.

Charley Harper + Habitat Skateboards


Habitat Skateboards are putting out a limited edition line of Charley Harper skatedecks and shoes for it’s sponsored pros. Real classy. I’d love one of these up on the wall. Serious collectors items.

Charley Harper is a mid-century modernist illustrator and painter whose popularity is deservedly surging at the moment partly due to several high profile projects by Todd Oldham and Ammo Books.

[via @thescout]

Bookmarks for July 15th

  • Legendary Surfers: Mike Hynson
    an exhaustively awesome article about The Endless Summer's co-star Mike Hynson. great read.
  • scout & catalogue
    Bre was a creative director at a fashion retailer. when the market crashed in October or so, Bre and her man (originally from Vallarta) decided to move to Mexico, something similar to what I did. She just set up a blog, but it's got all the markings of an intimate, well-designed portrait of her experience in a new culture, in a strange land. go check it out.
  • 2 or 3 things I know
    a curated blog of beautiful things. lots of nice arty things. precious things.
  • The blue and the green | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
    wicked optical illusion: "You see embedded spirals, right, of green, pinkish-orange, and blue? Incredibly, the green and the blue spirals are the same color." – I still don't believe it.
  • Rodrigo Fuenzalida : Graphic Design & Typography
    a couple of free, nicely designed fonts from a Venezuelan graphic designer. nice stuff!

Bookmarks for June 18th

  • How to Quiet Your Mind | Think Simple Now
    quick tutorial on quieting the internal chatter that ruins your peace of mind: "If you observe our problems, you will notice that most problems are rooted in the mind. The basic premise is the same: some external event happens, we choose to see only one side of the story, and then interpret the situation such that it causes some form of mental conflict, resulting in some form of emotional suffering." [via @nybe]
  • Know your type: Futura: idsgn (a design blog)
    The "Know your type" series is for all of you aspiring typography nerds that haven't reached "nerd" status quite yet. you know you love type, but you don't know why. Futura is the first in the series. You may have seen Futura from Stanley Kubrick and Wes Anderson movies. It was also the first and only font on the moon.
  • Fever° Red hot. Well read.
    damn! for those of you that are heavy RSS readers, this is a new hosted RSS reader application called "Fever", from Shaun Inman, creator of Mint. Fever rethinks how you group rss feeds and does away with "information glut, un-read item guilt and un-Bold elbow", basically your rss reading experience no longer has to be primarily about changing feeds from unread to read, you don't ever have to worry about that little unread count ever again. awesome idea.
  • Clay Shirky: How Cellphones, Twitter, Facebook Can Make History [VIDEO]
    must watch! – While filmed in May, his points are brought into sharp focus by recent developments in Iran (see #iranelection), as social media tools prove their power to change the world. Shirky explains: “Media is increasingly less just a source of information; it’s increasingly more a site of co-ordination, because groups that see or hear or watch or listen to something can now gather around and talk to each other as well…members of the former audience can now also be producers and not consumers.” [ via @jdotsmith]
  • Moray Eel eats Thumb | quietube
    this week on "that's fucking amazing": Diver messes with Green Moray Eel and gets thumb bitten off. Thai doctors create new thumb from toe and it works!

Bookmarks for June 14th

    "We asked Geoff McFetridge — founder of the Los Angeles-based design studio Champion Graphics and a member of the Director’s Bureau — to offer his impressions on the differences between living in California and his native Calgary. Included here are several bonus questions that did not originally appear in Issue 36: Expatriate"
  • Daring Fireball: Simple Inbox Archiving Script for Apple Mail
    ok, You're using Apple's Mail app and you have 2 or 3 IMAP email addresses (dot mac, gmail, maybe your own domain) and your inbox is swamped with crap and you're having problems answering emails. This Apple Script created by John Gruber helps you stay organized. You just flag the messages that you know need to be responded to and once per day you run this script. It automatically moves all read inbox mail to archive folders, effectively cleaning up your inbox for you! awesome.
  • Jordy Smith's Rodeo Flip In The Mentawais
    pretty impressive
  • :: andy gilmore :: design ::
    damn! i'm loving this guy's design work. beautiful abstract geometric stuff. awesome.
  • Border Film Project
    Border Film Project is a collaborative art project giving disposable cameras to two groups on different sides of the border: undocumented migrants crossing the desert into the United States, and American Minutemen trying to stop them. To date, we have received 73 cameras — 38 from migrants and 35 from Minutemen — with nearly 2,000 pictures in total. The pictures show the human face of immigration, and they challenge us to question our stereotypes and to see through new and personal lenses.
  • How AT&T Should Handle the Twitter iPhone Price Backlash – Advertising Age – News
    if yer not in the know, Apple introduced a new iPhone 3G [s] this past monday. Of course, when Apple releases a new product millions of people all rush out to buy it. But when you have to buy it with a contract from AT&T things get dicey. When people started seeing the how much it was going to cost them to upgrade all hell broke loose on twitter. This article explains the bru-ha and why AT&T is not doing the right thing. My two cents: AT&T and most telcos are zombie corporations just like GM and Citibank. They don't exist to serve their customers, they exist to serve the interests of their shareholders. and that's it.