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Bookmarks for October 23rd

Bookmarks for September 13th

  • Maureen Dowd – Boy, Oh, Boy –
    This basically sums up my thoughts on the vast teabagger of this summer right up to Joe Wilson's douchbaggery – "But Wilson’s shocking disrespect for the office of the president — no Democrat ever shouted “liar” at W. when he was hawking a fake case for war in Iraq — convinced me: Some people just can’t believe a black man is president and will never accept it."
  • Mexico Now Enduring Worst Drought in Years –
    we're definitely feeling the first signs of a drought, here in Nayarit, rain fall is way off. usually we're swimming in rain this time of year. Lately it's been sprinkling every 4 or 5 days. the winter is gonna be rough.
  • Charles Darwin film 'too controversial for religious America' – Telegraph
    "…according to a Gallup poll conducted in February, only 39 per cent of Americans believe in the theory of evolution." and ""It is unbelievable to us that this is still a really hot potato in America. There's still a great belief that He made the world in six days. It's quite difficult for we in the UK to imagine religion in America. We live in a country which is no longer so religious. But in the US, outside of New York and LA, religion rules."
  • YouTube – Deconstructing Sgt. Pepper
    DJs, beatmakers and sound sampling peeps check this out before it disappears, a youtube clip that isolates all 4 tracks on the Sgt. Pepper intro. awesome for sampling and cool just to hear/see the tracks isolated.
  • Jordan : History of Flight
    beautifully done artwork and flash site for the Jordan/Nike brand. this site is awesome. as for Jordan sneaks the III, IV and V were my favorites. the rest became too gimmicky. great artwork on that timeline site.
  • Kid Vlogs From Apple Store, We Smell a New Commercial Campaign
    "Kids. They grow up so fast these days, with the Twitter and the MySpace and Tamagotchi and sports drinks. You've gotta hand it to them, though: they've got their technology and they know how to use it.

    Which is why the dense YouTube account of Nicholifavs, filled with a kid who vlogs exclusively from New York City's Fifth Avenue Apple Store, is merely a natural progression in the realm of Things Kids Do Now." via Beau Colburn

Bookmarks for September 9th

Bookmarks for July 31st

  • Nick Drake – River Man
    your inspiration for today. beautiful video by Tim Pope.
  • Apple: Secrecy Does Not Scale – Anil Dash
    is Apple slowly self-immolating when it screws over iphone developers with all this secrecy garbage? maven indie iphone devs are fleeing the platform in packs. is the iphone's golden years over?
  • Custom Letter — LetterCult
    holy crapola. so much juicy good typography here. loving it. inspiration for days. [via @Nybe]
  • Scientists Are Concerned About Cancer in Animals
    new nasty, virulent forms of cancer are being discovered in wild animals, that are the result of heavy carcinogenic environmental contamination. are human beings really the top of the evolutionary chain? How did cheap crap from Wal Mart become the thing we collectively care about most? [via @jimmoriarty]
  • Isolator
    my new favorite app. when you need to concentrate on something your doing in a particular application (like writing a blog post in Safari or designing something out in photoshop) just hit the command keys for this app and it hides all your other app windows and the dock and presents your current working window on a black background. hit it again to return the windows. should be built into Mac OS X.
  • Minimal Mac
    one my new favorite blogs. tons of tips on reducing the visual clutter on your desktop (both the virtual and analog ones). less is more.

Join Surfrider

isd_500Join Surfrider today!

Hey Folks, today is International Surfing Day and in observance of such a prestigious day, I’d like you all to seriously think about signing up for a Surfrider membership. As Jim Moriarty says, “Climate change isn’t the day after tomorrow any longer, it’s started the day before yesterday”.

If you’re a surfer, you know how much water quality affects your daily life and if you’re not a surfer or water-lover, you can still understand how important clean water is to both humans and sea life. To celebrate International Surfing Day Surfrider are giving away an ISD themed shirt with your $20 membership. That’s right, 20 bucks. You probably spent more on coffee this past week.

I was on twitter this morning, and Surfrider’s official tweet channel reported that, today, 700 people had signed up for memberships from over 15 countries as part of International Surfing Day. Make that 701, I signed up for my Surfrider membership and I couldn’t be happier.

You should too.

Bolsa 100% Biodegradable


Like most of you I’m sure, Marcia and I are pretty conscientious of our use of plastic bags and single-use plastics in general. The security guards at the local supermarket never fail to question us about the colorful array of bags we bring with us, to use, instead of the eponymous white plastic bags they like to bag our groceries with. If not for the environment, at least for the kick I get from watching the checkout girl and baggers chuckle at our “bourgeois eccentricities”. It’s kinda not funny that people still haven’t figured out that single-use plastic will literally be here longer than us (not saying much) and longer than the cockroaches (which is really saying something).

Back to the point: when we do use the little pastic bags, like the ones for vegetables and fruits, we reuse them to death, until they’re old and yellow/brown and look like they contain enough bacteria and mugre to finally earn their resting place. Yesterday, Marcia came back from the supermarket with a load of vegetables in bags bearing this orange shoddily screened statement: “Bolsa 100% Biodegradable” and I stopped in my tracks. I smiled and chuckled to myself, now that is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time. And for a second, I was an unbridled optimist. The world was new and exciting. And just as quickly, pessimism yanked me out of my dream-cloud state, and it dawned on me that this is probably a very clever example of greenwash and I became suspicious. I asked myself if these bags would still biodegrade if they’re stuck in a white plastic trash bag below hundreds of pounds of trash and earth. I could be mistaken, but it’s my understanding that all biodegradable plastic only breaks down in direct sunlight.

To be honest, I don’t know the answer. What I do know, is that just below the 100% Biodegradable statement, was a glimmer of hope. The tagline reads: “No Se Recomienda Su Uso Después de Mayo de 2010″ or “It’s not recommended to use this bag after May 2010″. And therein lies the rub: maybe this statement will give people the subtle idea that these bags are reusable and that it’s not necessary to throw them out each time they come home from the store.

And I was back in my dream-cloud, for a brief moment.

Bookmarks for March 11th

  • Wildlife thrives at Chernobyl – Telegraph
    Awesome photo series with nice, short descriptions. Synopsis: major nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl. Everyone evacuates. 20 years later, wildlife is thriving and returning back to their normal hunter/prey routines. Go nature!
  • How To Develop A Facebook Page That Attracts Millions of Fans
    if you're a small business that sells a product or service directly to consumers Facebook should definitely be one of your major focus points along with Twitter. This articles helps you understand the why and how.
  • Product Planner – View and Create User Flows, Viral Loops, and More.
    ok, so you have a great idea for a website or web application and you have to organize it out so other people can understand your genius. Your now in the area of flow charts and site maps. This is called "Information Architecture" and it's language, unfortunately, you don't speak this language, and the tools are confusing. Product Planner is a site that not only helps you create these things, but they show examples of popular services you probably use every day. amazing! [via Konigi – the ux mastah]
  • userfly — instant web usability testing
    amazing web app that records your users' movements. simply by cut n pasting their js call into your page header. super simple. and the user playback is smooth fast and insanely addictive. This is a great tool for larger sites. for blogs like mine, it's painful watching a bunch of people come in to the site, scroll up and down and then close the page in 10 seconds or less. But still, very addictive. and you get 10 free captures. great way to hook you into the paying service.
    iconic photographer/artist/writer/documentarian Glen E. Friedman started a blog not too long ago. and as to be expected, it's an awesome read. time to go to school, kids.

Fragile Earth

Upsala Glacier 1926

Upsala Glacier 2006

The promotional site for photography heavy book Fragile Earth has an impressive before and after slideshow of several bodies of water around the world. The two shots above are from the Ursala Glacier in Argentina. Astounding. I really dug the following quote:

The magnitude of the changes depends on us.
Humans aren’t the first species to alter the planet… but we are the first species to be in a position to understand what we are doing.
- Elizabeth Kolbert

Relatedly: that quote basically sums up a reoccurring thought I’ve been having as I slip towards the inevitability of becoming a full vegetarian.

[via treehugger]

Playas Limpias

more garbage

Yesterday was blog action day, and since my blog was down I didn’t really get a chance to post. I thought I’d quickly drop an image and note to say that every year with the summer rains Puerta Vallarta’s beaches are inundated with trash runoff from the past nine rain-less months. Trash is deposited on street surfaces and green areas, gathers for nine months and then with torrential rains, is washed into the ocean. The trash ends up on the beaches, as does all of the dead sea-life that comes into contact with the trash including fish, eels and giant sea turtles. The turtles are the most worrisome as they are endangered. Its absolutely heartbreaking to come across a dead or dying sea turtle, some as large as three feet across. Although the mexican government swears up and down it is trying to implement programs to save the turtles, I have yet to see any attempts, beyond an occasional sign at the beach, to educate people about proper disposal of trash.

Mexico is in serious need of trash and recycling programs as well as national level long-running public service announcements. TV, radio, you name it.

In these pictures, you’ll notice the trash swirling in the water and at the shoreline. This is the Pitillal river, in “Fluvial” Vallarta. This picture was taken the day after a large rain storm. I could visibly see trash floating down the river in large swaths, exiting and pooling in the rivermouth and along the shore. There was a particularly large swell that day and surfers where surfing the large waves (as they break off of sandbars created by silt deposited at the rivermouth). Surfing directly through large piles of trash and brown silted runoff water.