Bookmarks for August 27th

  • IKEA goes with Verdana | Typophile
    the space-time continuum folds in on itself as IKEA switches from everyone's favorite typeface Futura to the ridiculously ugly made-for-small-text-on-monitors Verdana, in the name of style consistency across all countries including asia. Big mistake. This is like IKEA's version of "New Coke". stunningly dumb.
  • three frames
    my new favorite site [via @bigspaceship]
  • Art & Copy Film
    A documentary film about the truth in advertising. A film by Doug Pray, the Director of Surf Wise, Scratch and Hype!
  • YouTube – Tarantino's Top 20 Movies Since 1992
    interesting choices with explanation. Wong Kar- Wai's "In The Mood for Love" is not on the list. major oversight. I really like that "Unbreakable" is on it. I loved that movie and still do. incidentally, is it me or is Tarantino looking a bit like a hot tranny mess?
  • Good Hair ft. Chris Rock- Official Trailer
    now this is.a film i can get behind, hilarious.
  • Giant Waterslide Jump
    I know this is ridiculously old. my links are a bit stale from my trip up north yonder. but… reason 1023 for why the internet is better than tv: so that i can watch beautiful, priceless short clips like this without having to sit the drudgery of an hour long dumb home movie video show hosted by an unfunny stand-up comic and packed with commercials for environmentally insensitive products i don't need. watch the clip. hilarious, yet stunning in its accuracy.
  • Core CMS
    super easy to use content management system for photographers and designers "Core is a Content Management System (CMS) made with the designer in mind, someone who want to show off all their work with an easy updateable and customizable website without having to deal with databases, scripting and extensive php."

Bookmarks for June 8th

  • Ayalon on speech: The new "axis of pragmatic forces" | Israel Policy Forum
    amazing analysis of Obama's middel east speech by Isreal's Mahjor General Ami Ayalon. a great read. – Ayalon: We are witnessing the beginning of new American diplomacy in the Middle East whereby it will no longer appear to be very, very pro-Israel, but, as was obvious in the speech, it will be more balanced. Israel has to now understand that this president really believes that there is a common denominator of moderate Arabs, Americans and Israelis. It is a new phenomenon in Middle East diplomacy because we have long believed that the US and Israel represented one side of the conflict and the Arab world and Muslims the other side. But unlike previous administrations where the world was divided by an axis of evil, particularly that of President Bush, Mr. Obama divides the world by an axis of pragmatic forces. [ via TPM]
  • Castles In L.A. |
    oh snaps! new movie from Taylor Steele and Dustin Humphrey: "“This is my passion project,” said Taylor Steele who was sporting a solid gash in the head from stitches he picked up during a recent trip to India. “These trips and these movies [Sipping Jetstreams and Castles in the Sky] are the films that we get to see the world in a whole new way. We take risks in making them. Travel long distances on a whim. Say yes when strangers invite us over for tea. That’s what makes them so special."
  • YouTube – Bookcast: Author Don Thompson and his new book
    Author Don Thompson in an interview with National Post talks about his book "$12 Million Stuffed Shark: The Curious Economics of Contemporary Art" – if you don't catch the shark reference, about Damien Hirst. [via @longdrivesouth]
  • View Master: Diorama Photography by Lori Nix, Jonah Samson and Grace Weston
    very cheeky sex-driven diorama photography from Jonah Samson. Love the top one, of the swimming pool.
  • Seth Godin's Blog
    Amazing reading on entrepenurship, marketing yourself and generally how to navigate the choppy waters of transitioning business to the internet. Godin's blog posts are prescient, witty and full of good advice. on publishing: "Mark this down as another job for the new economy: someone who can collate, amplify and leverage the work of writers and turn it into cash. I don't believe that there's one solution, not this time. But I'm confident that around the edges and deep into niches, there's money being made."


photos by Rudy Jacques

I ran across the french-language avthentic blog yesterday. Lots of juicy stuff going on over there and I really dig his aesthetics. It’s written by Rudy Jacques to document a french surf culture-based surf film he’s making of the same name. The Van’s blog did an awesome interview with Rudy and you can see an example of his deft storytelling skillz over over at Rudy’s vimeo account in a short entitled Things. In addition to great analogyish photos Rudy has a pretty in depth english-language interview with Nathan Oldfield, creator of Seaworthy1. Added to the rss reader for sure, I look forward to seeing how this film develops.

  1. which I have yet to see, if anyone could float a copy down mexico way