Bookmarks for January 27th

  • Francis and the Lights
    your new favorite band. these guys are awesome. and they have most of their records as free downloads. Check out their version of "Can't Tell Me Nothing", a Kanye West cover. so good! [via Chances with Wolves]
  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – Errol Morris Blog –
    absolutely stunning set of pictures of GW Bush chosen by three news photographers. These images are iconic. Forget the negatives and the positives of his administration, and just let these images wash over.
  • The Cosmic Machine – EventBox
    very interesting all-in-one social networking app. currently connects to twitter, facebook, google reader, flickr, reddit and can take in any rss feed. right off the bat, as a twitter client it lacks multi-column view. But for a beta app, this thing is promising. But for my money, I don't like the email-app paradigm where it's all about unread/read items. makes me feel like my job in life is to mark things as "read". viewing twitter/flickr/facebook etc.. is better enjoyed as a passive experience. marking things as "read" is annoying to me.
  • My WordPress Cheat Sheet
    a really nice list of wordpress code snippets. a nice reference, but also helps de-abstract how WordPress operates. relatedly, I wonder how long it will be before Automattic builds something like this directly in to WP.
  • Meet Teahupoo: Tim McKenna | Surfer Magazine
    a sweet audio-guided slideshow of surf photos taken by Tim McKenna at Teahupoo in Tahiti. Some really beautiful imagery here. and his sense of humor is appreciated wrt the first slide.

Chances With Wolves


Every once in a while, you come across something on the internet that blows your mind wide open. This is one of those finds:

Chances With Wolves is a radio show on East Village The show is around two hours of ridiculously eclectic yet strangely harmonious music. From early r+b to folk, folk-gospel, folk-country, bluegrass to hip-hop, ska, rocksteady, surf rock and obscure british invasion. The guys doing the show are definitely major crate diggers and their music selection shows they’ve spent many hours in dusted record stores. For people who are really into obscure records that have never made it to cassette cd mp3, this is your joint.

I’ve been away from my music collection for a few weeks now1 and so while working I keep a browser window open, streaming the past shows. They are all also available as an mp3 download, albeit with no track-listing. Go enjoy new music on a happy friday!

My bru Isaiah put me up on the show.

  1. had to leave it on a drive back home

Hammock Dreams

Free download Hammock Dreams. Dub mixtape by Micah Porter

Sometime, long ago, I was going to art school in LA. My family were living in Berkeley. On one late-spring weekend I was up visiting the fam. My sister Beth, her two close friends and I decided to drive out to Stinson Beach. We brought our suits and towels, to catch some rays. Beth brought along an old busted boombox. With the volume turned down super low, a sonic melange of sounds emitted from the speakers. Equal parts Dub Reggae, Abstract Jazz, early Blues tunes, 70s political poetry and children’s tales – seamlessly fading in and out of each other, glued together with environmental sounds: thunderstorms, humpback whales, rivers, oceans.

Hammock Dreams was the tape in that box, that day. It was like a slow burning fire, as we made copies for all our friends, and they made copies for theirs and on down the line. People who listened to it instantly wanted a copy and another was made. I immediately began buying dub records and digging for all kinds of weird stuff that people dumped off at the Goodwill. As my record collection grew I formulated my own sonic stew that took its queues from Hammock Dreams and went in whole new directions. Fittingly I called mine “Son of Hammock”.

As the tape player went the way of the do-do. I held on to the Hammock Dreams tape1 and surprisingly it has stayed with me through countless moves, junk consolidations, storage spaces and a move to Mexico. For years I’ve been meaning to digitize it and yesterday that’s exactly what I did – I borrowed my dad’s ancient tape player and hooked it up to my computer. Unfortunately, my copy is probably at least a 3rd to 4th generation dub and it’s spent years being tossed around in my collective piles of junk. The audio signal isn’t in top shape, so I ran it through GarageBand and added a few compression/limiter filters.

I casually mentioned to my sister, that I was digitizing Hammock Dreams. She was happily surprised that I still had a copy and mentioned a friend of ours who had just visited Vallarta. The subject of Hammock Dreams came up and our friend said she’d do anything for a copy. The thought dawned on me to put it up on the internet. Sharing is caring. And so, I scrubbed the audio, exported some mp3 tracks2, laced the meta data, created some quick album art and uploaded the zip file3 to Media Fire4. As long as you don’t crank it, it sounds beautiful. It’s the perfect headphone music for listening to while working. And I hope you enjoy it as much as we have. If you dig it, drop a note in the comments.

Free download Hammock Dreams.

  1. Son of Hammock got lost somewhere along the way. A dern shame.
  2. technically, m4a tracks
  3. two sides – two tracks
  4. freakin’ great way to share larger files – totally free and fast