Bookmarks for January 13th

  • Official Google Blog: A new approach to China
    must read press release from SVP at Google, about China's censoring authorities' organized and highly sophisticated hack attacks on Google's infrastructure as well as 20 other large companies, in various sectors as part of a plan to uncover information on human rights activists in China. This is no joke.

    I repeat, this is a google press release, not conjecture. [via DF]

  • THERES SPACE FOR OL DAT I SEE by @_m_i_a_ – TwitVid
    how crunk is MIA? chick can do no wrong. prepare to have your mind blown. best to watch this with large headphones on.
  • A Torturous Interview: John Yoo Does The Daily Show (VIDEO) | TPM LiveWire
    John Yoo is the legal scholar behind the total crap that Bush/Cheney used to justify torture. this guy is insane. must not miss episode of the Daily Show. In part two Yoo admits that he never met Bush, the guy who he essentially gave Imperial powers too, simply because Cheney asked him to.
  • Robert Hodgin | Portfolio
    generative computational art, you may know him as Flight404. awesome. [via surfstation]
  • Retro Music Posters by Paul Gardner
    absolutely sick design work. i love this style. you will too. something for everyone.
  • Bodhi Oser's new portfolio site
    run. don't walk. to check out Oser's new portfolio site. one word: fuckingimpressive. Oser (working under Tom Adler's Art-Direction), is responsible for almost single-handedly changing the face of how surf culture is marketed. The singular design aesthetic and definitive photo editing used for Quicksilver/Roxy and mostly all of your favorite surf books, Oser's influence in surf culture can not be underestimated or oversold.
  • Surfstation – Joe Klein
    "Over the past 30 years, Republicans fed the delusions that you can have low taxes and world-class public services, and Democrats acquiesced in it. It would be nice if we had an honest national conversation about revenues–and the sun-setting of many of the Bush tax cuts this year provides the perfect arena for it–but don't count on that taking place."

    - Joe Klein

  • James Cameron's Avatar Movie Performance Capture Featurette
    amazing behind the scenes featurette on the wholly new capture tech behind the movie. James Cameron is a genius. He really does get across the "uncanny valley". I loved Avatar.

Bookmarks for October 30th

Bookmarks for October 23rd

Bookmarks for April 28th

  • Where did this thing come from? The Swine. Influenza in Mexico City
    interesting read. conspiracy theory-laiden blog ramblings. if you're sick of the 24/7 news coverage that still manages to say nothing new.
  • jQuery for Designers – Tutorials and screencasts
    so you're a web designer (i.e. not really a programmer), you know your way around xhtml, css and can even hack your way through php enough to get your designs up and running in WordPress (i'm basically describing myself) but you javascript gives you the heebies. Well, this is the site for you (me). lots of good tutorials on integrating the jquery framework into your sites. Incidentally, I rarely see cool websites nowadays that aren't using some kind of jscript framework.
  • Kim Høltermand – Photography
    beautiful landscape and architecture photography. I'd love to see these printed large. and the flash-based site is minimal and awesome. great design/programming.
  • Should I Be Worried About Swine Flu?
    statistics don't lie
  • "Cuban Skateboard Crisis" a 2007 Documentary
    awesome docu on skateboarding in Cuba. if you're not on it already, Glen Friedman is killing it on his blog, go grab the rss. i know i sound like a broken record, but he is on it.