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call to arms

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Like Father, Like Son

Ed + Luca watching quik pro in Hossegor, France

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Paul Rand Tribute

There is no difference between design and art, it’s only the intention that matters. video by Imaginary Forces.

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Garbage Warrior

power to the peoples.

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Plastic Bag

Herzog fans: you are in for a treat. make sure you at least watch this video past the intro titles.

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Mia Doi Todd – Open Your Heart

Beautiful new music video for one of my favorite musicians Mia Doi Todd. Her new album is coming out I guess and is produced by Jon Brion. The video was directed by Michel Gondry. I love the rawness, kinda like a plain man’s Busby Berkeley.

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January Swells

photo by Ed Fladung

My buddy Tom is making a mexicocentric gnar gnar surf film called Dias Tranquilos. He’s got some insane footage in the can and over the past few swells we’ve been shooting at the same spots and sharing boats. He just put together a teaser reel from some of the amazing swell that rolled through our parts last month. Some of the footage was taken during the same session as the photo above, check it out.

Incidentally, on the afternoon the above photo was taken, Tom was shooting from the middle of the boat and I from the front. After a particularly large outside set, the boat barely made it over and landed a bit on it’s starboard side, me in the air. I landed in between the front of the boat and the first row of seats, on top of Chicharro’s board bag. A soft landing followed by the unmistakable sound of a stringer cracking in half. Big oops.

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RIP Brooklyn Banks?

If there was one physical place that manifested my skating style as a kid, The Brooklyn Banks were it. The gold standard for east coast street skating. ’88, ’89, this was my temple. After a week of school, Friday night I’d make my way into the city and for two solid days straight you could find me here (or in Washington Sq. Park). Big piece of my teen years. gone.

[via Secret Forts]

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D.I.Y. America

Aaron Rose picks up where Beautiful Losers left off with D.I.Y. America, a new short series of films about DIY creativity from the worlds of skateboarding, punk rock and hip-hop. Above is the first in the six part series.

Good way to procrastinate this morning. oh and on my radio this morning?

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Guinness Surfer

I totally missed this one when it came out. Blame it on my lack of television viewing habit.

I really dig the style, editing, audio, etc… I usually cringe at any product that markets itself with surfing, but this is an exception. great spot, naturally by the very talented Jonathan Glazer (Director of the very badass Sexy Beast1). [via DMoyes]

  1. You gonna do the job? Do the job. Do it. Yes Grovesnor. Yes Roundtree. Do the job!
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Bookmarks for January 22nd

  • FIRST LOOK: Exit Through The Gift Shop – A Banksy Film
    holy crap! i can't wait to see the Banksy movie! awesome.
  • My favourite fonts of 2009 | i love typography
    gorgeous typography here. just as exciting as the curves on a surfboard. i could look at this stuff all day long
  • Stewart Tears Apart The Dems On MA-SEN And Health Care (VIDEO) | TPM LiveWire
    summary: how stupid can democrat politicians be? someone said (i forgot who) that we deserve the politicians we get. great.
  • Colorful writing – The Mex Files
    the fine art of "notas rojas" (red notes). Mex Files details the "purple prose typical of the yellow journalism" of police reports in local mexican newspapers: "While sometimes the author — to stretch out the word count — has to resort to low tricks like referring to a police car as a “blue and white 2008 Dodge Neon, with plate number… “, the nota rota writer strives for variation in his or her craft. The banality of criminal activity sometimes reduces even the most creative of nota roja writers to clichés (there are a plethora of ways to say “corpse” — the center of attention but least interesting character in any murder story – all of which have been use to death), but the best are true artists. They still manage to surprise us, enlighten us and delight us with their mastery of the language."
  • Jessica Hische / Humble Pied.
    great newish video + ichat based site about creatives sharing advice. and the best quote I've heard all week: "“The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.” – Jessica Hirsche
  • I Gave My 3 Year Old an iPhone: Have I Created a Monster?
    awesome piece on young children using the iphone to learn. some of you are already cringing (yes you, in the back), but I think it's great. this kind of thing is gonna be so standard in 20 years. I thin it's kind of scary to think that the jobs your kids will have when they grow up, won't be invented til they're in high school. and your kids will learn two to four times as much as you have, in your whole lifetime, by the time they get out of college. [via Stevey]
  • YouTube – adidas Originals – Star Wars Collection
    the shoes? meh. but that Imperial March remix is wicked awesome.
  • Polaroid PIC 1000
    mock-ups of the new film-based under-$100 Polaroid cameras that are coming out. These are the result of The Impossible Project that I linked to a while back. They bought the rights to produce Polaroid cameras and film stock. Freakin' awesome. I'll have the wood grain one, thank you!
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Change Congress

Today the Supreme Court ruled in Citizens United v. FEC. that corporations and unions can pour unprecedented amounts of money into elections. This from Lawrence Lessig and his project Change Congress:

Right now, special interests have more influence over our political system than regular folks because of our broken campaign finance laws. These special interests pump millions of dollars into congressional campaigns each cycle, and as a result, they block real change on issue after issue.
Here at Change Congress, we believe that politicians should work for the people, not special interests. But it’s not enough to push politicians to stay out of the system of corruption—we have to reform the system itself. That’s why we support a hybrid of small-dollar donations and public financing, to keep big money out of politics.

Lessig wrote that mission statement for Change Congress before the Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United v. FEC.

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Bookmarks for January 13th

  • Official Google Blog: A new approach to China
    must read press release from SVP at Google, about China's censoring authorities' organized and highly sophisticated hack attacks on Google's infrastructure as well as 20 other large companies, in various sectors as part of a plan to uncover information on human rights activists in China. This is no joke.

    I repeat, this is a google press release, not conjecture. [via DF]

  • THERES SPACE FOR OL DAT I SEE by @_m_i_a_ – TwitVid
    how crunk is MIA? chick can do no wrong. prepare to have your mind blown. best to watch this with large headphones on.
  • A Torturous Interview: John Yoo Does The Daily Show (VIDEO) | TPM LiveWire
    John Yoo is the legal scholar behind the total crap that Bush/Cheney used to justify torture. this guy is insane. must not miss episode of the Daily Show. In part two Yoo admits that he never met Bush, the guy who he essentially gave Imperial powers too, simply because Cheney asked him to.
  • Robert Hodgin | Portfolio
    generative computational art, you may know him as Flight404. awesome. [via surfstation]
  • Retro Music Posters by Paul Gardner
    absolutely sick design work. i love this style. you will too. something for everyone.
  • Bodhi Oser's new portfolio site
    run. don't walk. to check out Oser's new portfolio site. one word: fuckingimpressive. Oser (working under Tom Adler's Art-Direction), is responsible for almost single-handedly changing the face of how surf culture is marketed. The singular design aesthetic and definitive photo editing used for Quicksilver/Roxy and mostly all of your favorite surf books, Oser's influence in surf culture can not be underestimated or oversold.
  • Surfstation – Joe Klein
    "Over the past 30 years, Republicans fed the delusions that you can have low taxes and world-class public services, and Democrats acquiesced in it. It would be nice if we had an honest national conversation about revenues–and the sun-setting of many of the Bush tax cuts this year provides the perfect arena for it–but don't count on that taking place."

    - Joe Klein

  • James Cameron's Avatar Movie Performance Capture Featurette
    amazing behind the scenes featurette on the wholly new capture tech behind the movie. James Cameron is a genius. He really does get across the "uncanny valley". I loved Avatar.
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Greg Liddle Hull Riding Videos

More videos here, here and here. These come from Greg Liddle’s site. I’ve been mesmerized by these hull riding videos for months now. Watching them over and over, studying the subtle movements, foot placements, rail digs and bottom turns.

Finally, they go up on the blog!

Oh and bonus trivia: for all you shufflers1, did you know that Miki Dora was a shuffler as well? now you know, Shufflers Unite!

  1. Definition of “Shuffler”: someone who shuffles up and down the surfboard instead of properly walking foot over foot. Considered improper surfboard manuevering
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Bookmarks for January 9th

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